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The budget media wall is a cost-effective media wall used for small events. If you are looking to save on cost, then this is the perfect wall for you.

$278 Starting from


Adjustable frame


Full colour printing (single sided)

Carry bag


Delivery Included


Artwork Included


Optional Setup*

Sizes Available
(Width x Height)
Comfortable Fit
(side by side)
Adjustable* 1-4 people
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Premium media wall showcase with step and repeat logos

Premium media wall

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What to expect

Step 1 of media wall purchase process

Choose a media wall

Choose either between the budget, standard or premium media wall.

Step 2 of media wall purchase process

Request a quote

Based on your needs, we will give you the the price with a day.

Step 3 of media wall purchase process

Design your artwork

Work with our designer to realise your media wall design.

Step 4 of media wall purchase process

Recieve the wall

Receive your media wall within 10 days with our trusted couriers.


How long does it take to make the media wall?

The media wall production line usually takes up to 3-4 day to produce, excluding the time required for artwork approval. Once production has finished, the delivery time can take anywhere between 5-10 business days. If you require urgent attention to our media wall, let us know so we can prioritise your production arrangments.

Does the wall come with free design?

Yes. Our media wall process includes free design. Our designer makes sure your logos and images are represented in the best format as possible. We DO NOT charge anything extra for logo formatting nor do we have a limit on our design revisions. Feel free to design to your heart’s content without the worry of extra cost.

Does the wall come with free delivery?

Yes. We provide free delivery with every media wall purchase. The delivery will usually take between 5-10 days. Within those days, please expect either a TNT or DHL courier at your doorstep. If you are eligible for our FREE SETUP, we will personally come by and say hi. In the need of an urgent media wall, let us know to see what we can do for you.

Is the media wall easy to set up?

All in all, the media wall is very easy to set up. Quite intuitive actually. This is particular true with the premium media wall (requires 1 person). As for the standard, you might need up to 2 people to assemble together.

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Not too sure what media wall will work best?

Not too sure what media wall will work best?

We will help you find what you need.

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